BedbugWoodbridge, NJ is part of Middlesex County and like many neighboring towns, has a steadily increasing population.  Due to its great location, it’s no wonder people want to make it their home.  There are plenty of stores for shopping and restaurants with delicious food.  With this increase of population, there is also an increase of pest activity!  Since 1983 when Bruce J. Madden started Alliance Pest Services, we have brought excellent and revolutionary service to the pest industry.  Courteous, knowledgeable, and forward thinking, Alliance is here to bring a personalized experience with an innovative service to help keep the pests at bay.   Our staff is fully licensed and available to discuss your needs days, nights, and on weekends.

Woodbridge Preventative Plans

The best way to resolve a pest issue is to use Integrated Pest Management.  Alliance relies heavily on this approach.  It focuses the service on inspection, communication, decreased pesticide use, habitat, and common sense to resolve the pest problem at hand.  Our Umbrella Plan is NJ’s top rated pest control plan among homeowners.  Rather than treat and go in a basic formula, we tailor make each service to your specific needs.  Not every home, lifestyle, property, pest problem is the same.  Each service is treated differently, focusing on the pre emergence to overwintering of pests to ensure your home is protected in a safe and effective manner.  With a low monthly fee, this program offers affordable pricing with yearly coverage.  The goal is to keep the pests where they belong – outside of your home! Call us day or night to discuss treatment options and any concerns you may have.  We are here for you!  At Alliance, it’s never just business, it’s always personal.

Pest Control for Woodbridge Businesses

We know just as any business owner knows, pest problems don’t stop at residential properties.  Businesses in Woodbridge are just as prone to things like ants, roaches, rodents, flies, fleas, and bees as any home is.  Tired of losing customers because they don’t want to pass the bee nest forming at your front door?  Or because they see ants marching across your counters and walls?  Alliance doesn’t want you to lose business just because of nature!  We offer reliable and professional pest services that will suit your needs.  We have a variety of treatment options and pricing plans to suit your needs and your budget.  Call Alliance today for a free pest evaluation and estimate and have peace of mind that your pest problems are in the hands of professionals.

Losing Sleep Because Of Bed Bugs?

With the increase of population in places such as Woodbridge, there has also been a rise in the number of bed bug infestations.  Bed bugs are great hitch hikers and can appear nearly anywhere.  The treatments can be difficult for homeowners or businesses, but rest assured Alliance Pest Services is here for you!  Want to stop losing sleep?  Want to be able to sleep peacefully through the night without the fear of waking up with several bites from bed bugs?  Alliance offers free evaluations, quotes, and a variety of treatment options to suit your budget. 

Finally, Reliable Pest Control in Woodbridge

Let’s face it.  You never know what you are paying for or what the results will be.  Many companies are unreliable, overcharge, are not punctual, or maybe even don’t show up for an appointment at all.  Alliance Pest Services prides itself in having a professional, fully trained and licensed staff that cares about your needs.  With the Integrated Pest Management approach, excellent customer service, and a personalized experience, it’s no wonder we have nothing but five star reviews.  Complete pest control services and wildlife and bat removal services in New Jersey.  Call us today to get a free quote for service and rest assured knowing that you have finally contacted a company that is here for you!