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Weeds Away provides you with a weed free yard year around. Even a single weed can impact the appearance of a manicured landscape.  We utilized a combination of materials that are applied at the appropriate times of year to provide you the best weed control program with minimal environmental impact. 

Weeds can be aggressive and aggressively take over a lawn, shrub beds or stone landscape if not properly treated.  All of our weed control programs are environmentally friendly for both land and aquatic applications. Our weed control program focusses on preemergent and postemergent treatments to keep your property weed free.   

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Weed Control Program 

Weeds Away Plus Plan

This program provides three services for the initial service year.   The first treatment is performed around April, followed by another treatment in June and the final treatment in September.  After the initial service year, only two services will be required to maintain a weed-free yard!  A treatment in April and September will ensure that you have no weeds in your second year of our plan.  In the unlikely event that a weed pops up, you have unlimited service calls if needed.  Simple as that…you see a weed …you call and we spot treat!  No additional costs.  It’s that simple.    

In addition to the treatment plan, between the months of April and September, we perform monthly inspections and spot treatments of your yard to ensure that you are weed-free.  If we see any weeds emerging, we spot treat to keep you weed-free!

Additional Treatments

Weeds Basic Plan

This service program involves a one-time service treatment of the yard for preemergent weeds. 

Poison Ivy Control

Poison Ivy is a native plant to New Jersey.  Please read more about Poison Ivy.  Alliance Weeds Away can eliminate your Poison Ivy today!

Commercial Weed Control

Please contact us for advanced commercial weed and vegetation control programs for commercial complexes and programs. 

Pest Control Services

In addition to weed control, Alliance provides complete pest control services to ensure that your home remains pest and weed-free.  Please contact us about our pest and weed bundling programs!  Please see our Umbrella Pest Control Services program.

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