voleVoles around a yard can create severe damage within a very short period of time.  Voles will eat on landscaping greens that are above ground and dig tunnels underground destroying roots and the lawn.  Voles will even eat tree bark which leaves the tree unprotected.  Voles will typically become more active in residential setting when there are long periods of no rain fall.  When homeowners are watering the lawn and garden these areas become attractive and Voles set up residence.       

Signs that may have Voles

  • Small holes in the soil about 2”-3” inches around
  • Trails thought the lawn
  • Droppings that have a green coloring
  • Destroyed flower bulbs
  • Exposed tree base with no bark
  • Destroyed vegetation and root systems

If you think that you are having a Vole problem around your home or garden, call Alliance Pest Services for all your Vole and wildlife problems.