BedbugTermites can cause several billions of dollars of damage to homes and property every year.  Several hundreds of thousands homes are treated every year for termites.  Termites are a very damaging pest to your home and investment.  Termites can go several years without any type of detection.  They can build termite nests in wall voids and under floorings hidden from the untrained eye for years.  All along, eating and damaging your home.  In addition to your home, termites can feed on furniture, utility poles, wood fencing, pilings and others wood source items.

Once termites have been discovered, there are three types of treatment options.  The first option is to create a chemical barrier in the soil that prevents termites from entering into your home.  The next treatment option is to install termite monitoring and bait stations around the foundation of your home or property.  With the termite monitoring and baiting treatment option, once the termites feed on the termite bait, this process of feeding and sharing the bait will eliminate the termite colony.  Finally, the third treatment option is a combination of the installation of termite bait stations and foaming liquid treatment in the areas where the termites are discovered.  Alliance Pest Services has been protecting homes against termites for over 30 years.  We can design several tailored termite treatment solutions that will fix your specific termite problems and fit your budget.   

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