building tradeWhen treating for termites, the best time to protect your home and property from termites is preconstruction.  This pretreatment is optimal because no drillings is required and we can ensure complete coverage.  All of the critical areas can be treated such as under the entire slab, foundations, around pipes and utility lines, piers and interior partition walls. 

Pretreating your home or detached structure like a detached garage for termites prior to construction will repel and deter from entering your home.  The termite pretreatment will block termites from entering the structure.  The application of the termiticide is what creates the barrier that prevents termites from entering.  It is important to note that if the chemical termite barrier is disturbed, a retreatment may be necessary. 

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage to homes and property every year.  Termite pretreatment is the most economical time to protect your home and property from termites.   

When performing a termite pretreatment, there are a few types of pretreatment applications.  Applications can be made to poured slab types of constructions.  A poured slab construction is concrete that sits on the ground usually over a bed of gravel.  This application is performed by applying the termiticide to the subflooring material (gravel or dirt) just prior to the pouring of the concrete slab.   

The next type of application is for foundation treatment.  The treatment is applied to both sides of the foundational walls to create a continuous barrier.  Again, this treatment occurs just prior to the main slab being poured or block walls being capped off.    

The final type of application is for basement foundations.  This treatment is applied to the masonry hollow blocks.  The hollow inside of the concrete blocks provides easy access for termites to enter into a home. 

For all of these reasons, having your home or structure pretreated for termites is a great investment in protecting against termites.  In addition, new additions, detached garages, sunrooms and related structures can also be pretreated against termites prior to construction. 

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