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Why invest in termite Control For Your Monmouth County Home?

Termites are pests that have invaded every state except for Alaska and are responsible for over $5 billion in damages to structures in the United States each and every year. Although you may think that your Monmouth County home is not at risk of a termite infestation, the truth is that any home without protection could easily become infested with these wood-destroying pests.

termite in mound

Considering the damage they can cause and the fact that most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover termite damage, it becomes clear that the safest, most cost effective way to protect your home is to get termite control.

Termite control services from Alliance Pest Services are ideal for any home that is not currently protected from termites. Our termite control is designed for active infestations and as a preventative measure. That means that it doesn’t matter if you currently have termites in your house or not; we can provide the protection your house needs.

Our termite Control Process

Experienced and licensed termite technicians are on our staff and these are the only service specialists who will be assigned to your home when you request termite control. This ensures you receive the expert care you need to keep your home protected and termite-free.


wood damage to window
Our service begins with a thorough inspection of your house. During this inspection, we look for any termite activity. We'll start outside, looking for signs of termites, moisture issues that might attract termites, and mud tubes. We'll also look around the exterior of your house for trees that might attract termites. We'll then inspect your crawl space to identify any termite activity, wood damage, or mud tubes that alert us to an active infestation.


termite bait
Our inspection will alert us to termite activity and conducive conditions that might attract termites to your property. If we discover an active infestation, we'll tailor our treatment plan to address the infestation by spot treating wall voids with a foam treatment in addition to installing our bait system.

Whether you have active termites on your property or not, we will install the Advanced Termite Baiting System to protect your house from termites. This system includes bait stations placed in the soil around your home's exterior perimeter every eight to ten feet. When termites are on your property, they will find the bait and bring it back to the other members of their colony. The bait then works its way through the colony and eliminates the entire colony within a few months.

Follow Up

termite on mound
Our termite control service includes a one-year warranty. This warranty is renewable on an annual basis, so you won't ever have to worry about termites again.

Protect Your Monmouth county Home From termites

When you choose Alliance Pest Services to take care of your termite control needs, you receive experienced services performed by trained and licensed professionals. With over 35 years of experience eliminating termite problems, we are confident we can make and keep your home termite-free. Contact us today to request your termite inspection.


Is your property overrun with termites? We can help!

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