Termite and Rot DamageTermites can cause severe damage to your home and property. There are a variety of wood materials that termites can damage. Including but not limited to 2x4s, structural beams, wood studs, floor and ceiling joists, hardwood floors and molding, roofing and drywall. The specific type of repair and cost varies based upon the severity of the damage, accessibility of the damage and materials cost.

All damage, even if limited in area, needs to be evaluated by a qualified building expert (licensed contractor) to assess the structural integrity of your home. Structural damage to a home can seriously affect your homes soundness. All damage will be marked out in our graphed report so that we can have a history to determine if the termites have moved to different areas.

Let our qualified affiliate home repair builders provide you with a FREE structural termite repair estimate today. An onsite thorough inspection may be required and may include an service fee based on location from the inspector.

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