Snakes around your home, property or buildings can be scary.  Typically, if you have snakes on your property it is because your property it has features that are attracting snakes to the property.  One of the main attractions around your home if overgrown vegetation.  Heavy vegetation allows a safe place for snakes to hide.   Other areas that will attract snakes are general debris, rocks, under sheds and items that snakes can hide under. 

New Jersey Snake Control Optionscopper head

  • Trim back heavy vegetation
  • Remove and eliminate debris from around the home and property
    • Debris such as rock piles, stacked wood and related items
  • Trim back bushes and hedges
  • Fill holes and gaps around the home with stones and dirt
  • Fill gaps around foundation and pipes with expandable foam
  • Install door sweeps on doors that have gaps under them
  • Snakes traps and glue boards can be used to catch snakes that have entered into your home and buildings
  • Granular repellant can be used around the home to deter snakes from entering into your home and buildings. 

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