pest647imageSkunks have black fur with a white strip down the center “Striped Skunk.”  Skunks typically mate towards the end of February and babies are born around May.  A new litter may contain 4-6 babies.   

Skunks typically will forage for food at night.  They will eat both plant/vegetation as well animal/insect matter.   Because they go in search of food an night, Skunks typically are sleeping during the day.  They can be found in underground burrows created by other animals.  Common places can include: under decks, under sheds or under porches. 

If you have a Skunk problem around your home, it is not recommendable to try to trap and engage it.  When they are threated, they will arch their back high in a defensive poster, the tail will lift up and the Skunk will discharge a spray that has a very foul odor.  Not only does the odor smell very bad, if it gets in your eyes, it can cause a temporary blindness and burning.    

Skunk Smell

If you or your pet has been sprayed by a skunk, the foul odor is can take a while to go away.  The odor can travel up to a mile away from the release.  You can try a small combination of hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap and baking soda on the areas.  If you get sprayed in the eyes by a Skunk, flush your eyes out with water immediately. 

Skunk Control

The best method to remove a Skunk from your property is to trap and relocate it.   Once removed, relocating the Skunk 5 miles away from the trapping site will prevent the Skunk from returning. 

Preventing Skunks around your Home

  • Don’t leave out pet food
  • Don’t leave trash cans uncovered
  • Fill in any holes around deck, sheds and porches
  • Install physical barriers to prevent access under porches and decks

If you have a Skunk problem around your home or property, Alliance Pest Services will safely remove the Skunk from your home or property so your family and pets don’t get sprayed.