Carpenter AntsSea Girt, New Jersey is known as the town where the cedars meet the sea. It's a beautiful community that offers so much to its visitors not only through the town's economic development but also because of its rich agricultural and natural resources. As the city sits on the edge of the sea there are natural opportunities like swimming, fishing, and hiking that take advantage of the sea and the land. The rural charm is accessible to all and offers not only a small town charm but also a rich community full of vibrancy and life that matches the scene on which it's painted.

Similar to most New Jersey shore towns, Sea Girt offers visitors year-round beaches and boardwalks that offer the perfect setting for sunny afternoon adventures. The white, sandy beaches are safe so that you can swim or relax in the sand. The boardwalk offers brilliant views of the Atlantic Ocean and wraps around the beaches. Lifeguards are on duty during the busy times to ensure safety on the beaches for all visitors.

The historic lighthouse is always on the tourism hit-list as it offers a peek into Sea Girt's amazing, lengthy history. The guided walking tours of the lighthouse are offered during the season as an effort to maintain its careful preservation. The community surrounds the lighthouse and it acts as a pillar to remind the community of its roots and to inspire its future.

Sea Girt shares the usual weather patterns that you would expect for a New England ocean town. With frigid winters and warm, comfortable summers, the town is built on tourism seasons and tends to become more withdrawn in the colder months.

Although this town is quaint and well-maintained it still suffers from the expected vermin and pests that plague the east coast. No matter where you live in the world you will run into some problems and find that you need exterminators; Sea Girt is no different. Sea Girt has wildlife problems as it lies at the edge of the woods so raccoons often require specialized removal. Also, the salty ocean air can be damaging for wood over time so exterminating any termites or wood destroying insects is of the utmost importance to maintaining structural stability. The most common wood destroying insects along the Jersey Shore are termites, ants, carpenter bees, cave crickets and carpenter ants. Just because the town shuts up in the winter doesn't mean that all pests retreat.