RatIf you are demolishing your home of building, your local building department may require you to obtain a rodent abatement letter in order for you to obtain a permit to perform the demolition.  The reason why the building department requires you to obtain this letter is because if there are rodents in the home or building that you are going to demolish, when the ground and related areas are disturbed, the will cause rodents to scatter out, which will impact the surrounding homes and buildings in the proximity of the site that is going to be demolished. 

Our pest control service specialist will perform the necessary rodent control abatement service around the interior and exterior of the home, building, detached garage, sheds or other structures.  Once the rodent abatement service is completed, we will issue you a letter that indicates that we performed the necessary rodent abatement work on the property and that the home or building is rodent (mice and rat) free.  You can then take your rodent abatement letter certificate to the building department as evidence you completed that check list item required for the demolition permit. 

The certification of rodent abatement service is a necessary item in order in order to start the demolition process.  Alliance Pest Services performs several rodent abatement services every year in various counties Monmouth County, Bergen County, Union County, Essex County, Ocean County and towns.  Because of our experience performing rodent abatement services, we are very familiar with all of the local municipalities’ specific requirements for this service.  So whether you are looking for residential rodent abatement letter or commercial rodent abatement letter, Alliance is the right NJ exterminator for all your rodent problems.    

To schedule your rodent abatement service or receive additional information, please call Alliance Pest Services you NJ pest control professional at (888) 904-7507.