Dinner for twoCommercial Restaurant is one of our specialty services. Alliance Commercial Pest Control has serviced several thousand Commercial Restaurants over our 30 years of being in business. Controlling and preventing pests; specifically, rodents, roaches, flies and pest in Commercial kitchens and restaurants is not that simple. Making sure that your Restaurant stays pest free is our mission.

In most cases, the pest problems that restaurants experience are:

  • Ants
    • Typically, anywhere there is a food source of grease or sweets, ants may become a pest problem.  Ant problems can develop around fries due to the grease or around soda machines because of the soda.  In most cases, the ants are drawn in from the outside and are not nesting indoors.  They are just coming inside to feed.  They may be entering into the restaurant via a tree limb that is touching the buildings, power lines, or old and deteriorated wood around windows and door frames. 
  • Fruit Flies
    • Just a little bit or organic material can create a huge problem with Fruit Flies.  Fruit Flies can have multiple breeding sites throughout a restaurant.  Rotten fruits or vegetables, beverage dispensers, dirty drip trays under refrigerators, leaks from trash cans or recycling, excess food debris that is washed into a floor drain or cleaning buckets and mops.  Just a little bit of organic gunk can produce several hundred Fruit Fly larvae.
  • House Flies
    •  This species of House Flies are typically associated with Restaurants due to garbage.  Generally, House Flies breed outdoors and then make their way indoors because screens are missing or door are left open.  One of the main sources for breeding is dumpsters with crud or liquefying garbage in the bottom.  Or if the dumpsters have holes or leaking seals, this breeding material pools under the dumpster. 
  • Roaches
    • Where there is heat and moisture is a restaurant German roaches may not be far.  Typically, these can include dishwashers, stoves, steaming table or related types of equipment.  German roaches will get food from spills, dirty trash cans, grease accumulation and/or food debris that goes un-cleaned under equipment.  There are a host of different harboring sites where roaches can be that include: walls voids, behind paneling, table legs, equipment, outlets, drop ceilings, radios, cardboard boxes, equipment motors and other cracks and crevices.  (hyperlink to commercial rodents page for additional information on rodents)
  • Rodents
    • Just like with roaches, when you have ample food supply and a water source, rodents are not far behind.  Dumpsters are the first hot spot to inspect for rodents.  If a Restaurant has deficient trash management practices, rodent problems will develop.  Deficient trash management combined with structural deficiencies will greatly increase that rodents will soon seek food sources indoors.  As such, correcting these two issues will greatly assist in an effective rodent control program.  Some items that will contribute to rodents at your Restaurant:
      • Poor trash management practices;
        • Dumpsters, compactors, recycling bins should be regularly cleaned
          • Power washing or steam cleaning of dumpsters, trash cans and bins
          • Close dumpster lids
          • Drain plugs must be in place when not cleaning
          • Check the frequency of the pick-ups to ensure that trash is not sitting for any length of time
          • Empty public trash can daily and ensure that the contained are bagged
          • Excessive debris around exterior of the restaurant;
            • Cardboard storage;
            • Pallets; and
            • Stored food product.
            • Overgrown vegetation around the building;
            • Faulty plumbing;
            • Roof damage;
            • Doors with gaps underneath;
            • Food deliveries;
            • Foundation and building entry points; and
            • Doors and windows to don’t seal properly.

It is our feeling and training that even a single pest is one too many. Alliance's tailored Restaurant Pest Programs are designed to be proactive and provide complete pest elimination... we guarantee it.

For all of the reason listed above, proper trash management and operational procedures are vital in ensuring that your Restaurant remains pest free.  At Alliance, our Commercial Nights Account Manager reviews every Restaurant we service to ensure that no details are missed! 

Restaurant Services:

  • Complete Commercial Pest Control Services
  • On Call and Emergency Services
  • 24/7
  • Nights and weekends
  • Commercial Roach and Rodent Clean Out Services
  • Rodent Clean Out Service
  • On Demand Pest Control Services

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