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Buying a home is a very big decision and much bigger financial investment. As a new home owner, you want to make sure that your investment is sound, well maintained, and termite-free.

Some common questions you may have about Wood Destroying Insects when buying a Home.

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When you are considering a house, there are so many aspects that need attention that it may feel overwhelming. You want your home to be a good investment, so a complete structural inspection is important to make sure the house is sound. You also want your family to be safe in their new home, so a thorough pest inspection is important to make sure the house is clear of pests and vermin.

What You Need To Know About termites

How Can I Tell If My Home Has A Problem With Termites?

First, an inspection of the foundation surface and sill plates and floor joists for any evidence of exploratory mud tubes should be performed. Inspection would include seeking for evidence of shelter tubes otherwise known as mud tubes. Mud tubes, which are created from small particles of soil, wood or together type of debris materials, is combined with secretions and fecal matter. They are typically thin hollow half round tubes that termites use for shelter. Note that shelter tubes will vary in size, thickness and textures.

Another good sign of termite activity is a massive amount of wings. Especially if the wings appears as the weather starts getting warmer between March and May. The termite wings appear when after the termites swarm and mate, they drop their wings to burrow back into the soil to start a new termite colony. Another sign of termites are small soil granular that looks like mud that is scatter on the ground below a beam or wood. For example, if you have exposed wooden rafters in your garage, look at the floor area directly below for these granules.

What Is A Wood Destroying Incest (WDI)?

A WDI inspection commonly referred to as a "termite inspection," is when either a WDI inspector or other trained professional, looks for evidence of Subterranean Termite infestation and other wood destroying insect infestations. The inspector also looks for evidence of wood decay, past wood destroying insect infestations, damage to wood and past evidence of previous treatments.

What Does A Pest Inspector Do?

When inspecting a home for evidence of termites, an inspector will look at every aspect of the home and property. Typically, the inspection will start at the lower sections of the home and work up and out from that point. Note that detached garages, shed and other structures on the property are also inspected. The inspector is looking for any evidence or presence of wood destroying insects, such as evidence of Termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees and Powder Post Beetles. The inspector completes a written report that details what he/she found. The report will describe in detail the findings and possible structural damage.

What Does A Pest Or Termite Home Inspection Cost?

The cost can vary considerably. Typically, they range between $75 and $250 depending on the size of the home. As far as the pricing to treat the termite or other wood destroying insects found will vary depending upon the scope of the work and have sever the infestation is. Another point to consider is possible costs for structural damage. 

Who Pays For The Home "Termite Inspection"?

Depending upon the type of transaction, the buyer or seller can pay or request the inspection. In most cases, both the buyer and seller have their own inspection performed. In other cases, a buyer would pay for the cost of the termite inspection and would be part of the closing expenses. On the other hand, a seller would pay for any treatments and repair work that is required prior to closing, unless the parties agree to different terms before opening escrow.

What is the difference between a Termite Inspector and a Home Inspector? The key difference between the two professionals is that a Termite Inspector is trained and is only looking for evidence/presence of wood destroying insects. A Home Inspector is looking at various things from water leaks to electrical problems. Best analogy would be if you had a plumbing problem would you go to your plumber not your roofer to fix the problem.

What makes Alliance Pest Services Real Estate Services the RIGHT choice?

At Alliance, we understand that you may need a quick turnaround on an Inspection Report and with over 30 years of experience, we have created a process to identify your needs and quickly remedy them. Services offered:

  • Complete Real Estate Inspection Reports
  • Projects completed promptly to accommodate escrow timeframes
  • Prompt inspections with immediate reports availability
  • Non-Chemical method monitoring available
  • Competitive Pricing for treatments (Liquid Treatments and Bait Stations) and Structural Repairs

Pre-Construction TERMITE Treatments

Termite monitoring and Baiting systems for continued coverage and long term protection. My name is R. Brett Madden; Director of Operations for Alliance Commercial Pest Control, Inc., customer satisfaction is my number one concern. If we do not provide complete satisfaction, I'm a phone call away and can be reached at 732-747-3200.

As with all facets of our business we use a broad range of treatment strategies and implement the latest treatment methods and products to solve your homes infestation needs. Contact us today to schedule your real estate and termite/WDI inspection.

Do You Need a Real Estate & Termite Inspection?

There are several types of wood destroying insects that can infest your home. These insects include Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Termites and Powder Post Beetles. A Wood Destroying Insect Inspection is among the best ways to determine if your home has any evidence of these insects. Our trained inspectors can identify the early warning signs of an interior infestation.

The full WDI Inspection will cover all areas of your home where potential pest problems might occur, so you can have complete peace of mind. If we find any problems, we will give you advice on what treatment options are available and customize a plan. If there's no sign of a problem we can install preventive treatment measures to continue to protect and monitor the property.

Call Alliance Commercial Pest Control today for all of your Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) needs at 888-904-7507.


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