Central Park ManhattanIf you’re living in, or thinking of moving to NYC, you may want to make yourself aware of the pests that inhabit the city and what you can do about them. There may be a lot of pesky critters in the area, but there are also plenty of exterminators – so don’t fret – knowledge is power!

Some of the Big, Bad and Ugly Pests of NYC

1. Bed Bugs. Bed bugs can be devastating if an infestation gets out of control. These apple seed sized blood suckers hide when we are awake and come out to feast on our blood once we are asleep. Though they don’t necessarily carry diseases, they can be one of the biggest nuisances of all household pests. They also aren’t limited to just being in homes. Bed bugs can be found in hotels, jails, public transportation, cars and other public buildings. They can hide in luggage, clothes, books and even electronic devices, and be transported from one location to the next where they will breed and infest.

In a January 4th (2016) report from WGN news, a video was published of a couple who were staying at a hotel right across the street from Central Park in Manhattan. In the video, the man filming documents the intense infestation that went unnoticed the night before as the couple slept in the bed. In the morning, the man noticed a rash all over his girlfriend’s arms, side and back. The man decided to then flip the mattress to see if he would be able to ‘uncover’ the culprit – and he did. When he flipped the mattress, they discovered live bed bugs crawling around right in the open, and in groups. It can be hard enough to find just one of these insects during the day – so to see groups of them automatically red flags the situation of a severe infestation. Then some large holes are discovered where you can see upwards of 50 of the creatures.

 When an infestation gets this bad – most exterminators will tell you to just throw out the mattress (or whatever piece of furniture they may be concentrated in.) Determining if you have an infestation early on can prevent them from getting uncontrollable to the point of needing to throw out furniture and other items. If you think you may be facing a bed bug infestation – cover your mattress and call in some professional help ASAP!

2. Cockroaches. Cockroaches, while generally harmless, can trigger asthma and be very unhealthy for a living situation. Unfortunately, in highly concentrated areas like NYC – roaches can spread extremely quickly and spring into an uncontrollable nightmare of a situation. If one apartment in a building has roaches – it is very likely that they will spread throughout the entire building, moving through walls and plumbing.

A story reported by NY Daily News aims to show readers how quickly – and how badly – roaches can spread. The report describes the summer of 2014 and one Queens’s neighborhoods battle to keep the bugs out of their own homes. In this neighborhood in Queens, there are houses, not apartments. Some tenants in a two story home moved in, and according to the neighbors reports never took their garbage out – until the day they finally did and that’s when neighbors started reported seeing roaches. Over the span of the summer the infestation grew so bad that when exterminators made it out there and opened the grill of the man living two doors down from the infested house – hundreds of live roaches poured out.

Typically, roaches stay hidden so you know an infestation is bad when you can see hundreds of them professional exterminating help, and that’s the reality of how horrible a roach infestation can get if left untreated.

3. Rodents. Rats, mice and other vermin are unfortunately a pretty common issue in the boroughs of NYC. These vermin can bite and carry diseases, and are not something that you want living in your home with you. Getting a cat would be one option for dealing with these rodents, but its better just to call in an exterminator who specializes in vermin to deal with the problem before it gets out of hand.

With all of the types of insects and vermin that are living alongside of the 8 million (and more) people living in NYC, it’s important to recognize the signs of infestation and take care of the problem early before it becomes a huge hassle. Call in the professionals and protect yourself and your loved ones!

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