One of the three original towns in Monmouth County, NJ, Freehold is home to many historical events.  The Battle of Monmouth was fought here, and the memory remains with historic sights. For centuries, families have made their lives in Freehold.  With convenience to shopping centers and malls, banks and even the court house, it’s no wonder that for centuries people have been making Freehold their home town.  As you raise your family here, know that Alliance Pest Services is there to protect you from unwanted pests.  Since 1983, Freehold residents and business owners alike have relied on Alliance Pest Services for its top rated services and careful treatments.

Ant - 10Preventative Home Plans for Freehold

Alliance Pest Services has a revolutionary service plan that no other company offers.  For low and affordable monthly payments, homeowners can enjoy the peace of mind that the Umbrella Plan has to offer.  With a focus on thorough inspection and common sense, we limit the use of pesticides inside of your home.  Our goal is to keep the pests where they belong, on the outside of your home.  Of course, if something makes its way in, you are covered for interior treatments as well.  Your family’s health and safety is our biggest concern, so our staff is trained to handle pest issues with tactics besides spraying massive amounts of pesticides and walking away.  We want you informed and well protected.

Freehold Business Pest Control

Homeowners of Freehold, NJ are not the only ones that can enjoy our excellent services.  Businesses have also been relying on Alliance Pest Services to protect their business, customers, and employees.  Have clients complained of stinkbugs flying haphazardly around?  Have they mentioned ants crawling on counters, or the wasp nest right outside your front door?  Alliance Pest Services doesn’t want to see you losing business due to unwanted pests! Call us today for a free evaluation and service options.  We offer various plans according to your budget and needs.

Ants, ants, and more ants!

Having trouble getting the ant population in check?  There are several species crawling around New Jersey, and proper identification is key to treatment.  People often try to solve the problem themselves, but wind up making the problem more prolific.  Ants are seen in alarming numbers, and unless the nest is found, treatment is moot.  This can lead to people over applying harmful pesticides. Alliance Pest Services wants to limit the use of pesticides, while eliminating the problem and keeping your home or business safe. The Carpenter Ant damages the wood of your structure by tunneling through it.  Argentine ants, acrobat ants, citronella ants, and odorous house ants are just a few more species of the many found in Freehold, NJ.  Alliance Pest Services is properly trained and licensed to take care of the ant infestations plaguing Freehold.

Finally, Reliable Pest Control in Freehold!

Keeping in mind the many pests that are nightmares to today’s homeowners and business owners alike, it’s important to find a reliable and professional pest control company when the time comes.  Bed bugs, ticks, mosquitos, ants, rodents, raccoons, these are all pest problems in Freehold, NJ that can require professional service by a licensed applicator.  You can be at ease knowing Alliance has you covered.  Call us day, night, or on weekends to discuss your pest issues, preventatives, and pricing.  At Alliance, it’s never just business, it’s always personal.