Yellow JacketOne of the few towns with restricted sales on Sunday’s in New Jersey, Paramus offers a busy area with quiet residential living.  It’s no wonder it’s a populated area, with a name given in 2013 as “New Jersey Healthy Town” with the mayor’s efforts for healthier eating. Close to Manhattan, it also offers a great commute for working and shopping in NYC.  Of course, even with healthier eating and nice commutes, there are still plenty of pests in Paramus!  Lucky for the residents and business owners of Paramus, Alliance Pest Services offers professional pest control with a fully trained and licensed staff.

Paramus Preventative Plans

The best way to stop a pest problem is to keep it from happening in the first place.  Easier said than done, especially when most people call for pest control when they notice a problem beginning.  Get the problem under control or keep it from happening at all with New Jersey’s top rated pest prevention plan, The Umbrella Plan.  This plan offers more coverage than most, while focusing on the pre emergence to the overwintering of various pests.  We use Integrated Pest Management, which focuses on inspection, pest habits, conditions, communication, and common sense for the best treatment possible.  This approach limits the use of pesticides indoors, keeping you and your family safe.  Call Alliance today to discuss the low monthly rate for year round coverage, and have your house protected under our Umbrella Plan.  At Alliance, it’s never just business, it’s always personal.

Pest Control for Paramus Businesses

Whether you are losing clients because of a pest problem, or just want to keep your reputation in good standing with preventative plans, Alliance offers a range of treatment options and pricing to suit your needs as a business owner.  We all know the likelihood of your loyal customers returning after they spot a roach or a mouse in your establishment.  Keep it from happening by calling a fully licensed, professional, and courteous staff.  Alliance Pest Services is here for you days, nights, and on weekends.

Finally Get Rid of Those Roaches!

Alliance Pest Services specializes in treating roaches.  There are several types and several ways to treat them, but we can guarantee elimination.  If you see even one or two roaches, you could have a serious infestation due to their habits in hiding in cracks and crevices.  The quicker the infestation is caught, the easier it is to get rid of.  It’s very easy to bring home an egg capsule without knowing and finding out you have roaches a month later.  Residents and business owners of Paramus should rest assured knowing they can call Alliance today to discuss treatment options and finally get rid of the headache.

Reliable Pest Control for Paramus

There are many pest control companies out there.  Paramus is lucky enough to have the professional and reliable service by Alliance Pest Services.  With a full range of treatments offered, bat removal services, from termites to ants, roaches to bed bugs, Alliance has been bringing a personal atmosphere with a professional approach to the industry since 1983.  Call Alliance today to get the peace of mind you need, and know your concerns are our concerns.  We are available to discuss your needs days, nights, and on weekends.