iStock 000000096323 2Opossums can sometimes be a wildlife problem for homeowners and business.  The Opossum has grayish fury and an elongated nose and long tail.  Opossums are typically known for the phrase “playing possum.”  Where this phrase comes from is that if the Opossum becomes threatened, it will act like a sick or dead animal, almost in a catatonic state.     

In most cases, Opossums will live along with a range of up to 45 acres of area.  Opossums are active at night in search of food sources.  In most cases, homeowners will find them in trash containers that the lids where not securely fastened, around bird feeders or exterior pet food containers. 

 The Opossum is cable of raising up to 3 litters per year, with an average of 7 babies per litter.  Infant Opossums are born 13 days after matting has occurred.

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Opossums can be found hiding in burrows or climbing trees.  If an Opossum feels threatened, it may growl, hiss, show its teeth or “Play Dead.”  In any of these cases, it is recommend that homeowners stay away from the Opossum and call your local wildlife expert to trap and remove the Opossum from your home or building.  Call Alliance for all your animal control and wildlife removal problems today.