When Neptune residents find themselves in search of the best pest control services that New Jersey has to offer, Alliance Pest Services is their go-to company. Whether you are looking for assistance when it comes to bedbugs or rodents, our team of pest control experts is on hand and ready to help you in a moment's notice.

Our primary objective is to provide our customers with a level of service that they can be proud of, at a price that they can afford. Neptune residents must always remain on high alert as far as pests are concerned, whether it is fall, spring, summer or winter. Pests do not take vacations, and they are not the type to celebrate holidays.

For home or business owners who are looking to keep their New Jersey properties safe over the long haul, it is important to remain proactive. Regular maintenance appointments are necessary for these instances. They keep minor issues from becoming larger problems. They also provide home and business owners with the chance to learn more about how they can safeguard themselves in the future.

Pest Control

When pest control issues threaten to derail the health and safety of your home or business, it is time to speak with the professionals that Neptune Township has to offer. With our advanced treatments and highly experienced technicians, it has never been easier for a home or business owner to receive the help that they need. Your property will remain protected all year round when you place your trust in our services.

Termite Removal and Prevention Services

A termite infestation can cause massive problems for any structure. These bugs do not always announce themselves, and by the time they do, it can be too late. That is why a comprehensive treatment program is so important. Your structure always needs to remain protected. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a world of hurt when the structural integrity is weakened due to a long-term termite infestation.

Bed Bug Removal

Neptune residents often find themselves struggling with the onset of bed bugs. This is especially true for those who travel in and out of state on a regular basis. Receiving a timely inspection just might save you from several long-term hassles. Once the bedbugs have made their way into the home, over the counter remedies are essentially useless. All the concerns that need to be addressed when it comes to bed bugs are handled by our experts so that you can receive the proper peace of mind.

Removal and Prevention of Rodents (Mice and Rats)

Rodents are another common issue that New Jersey residents face on a consistent basis. When these pests make their way into a home or business, they also find their way into areas that are sure to cause future problems. The last thing that any home or business owner wants is to have to replace flooring or ventilation that has been chewed up by unwanted guests. With our help, existing rodents are removed quickly, and re-entry is prevented.

Mosquito and Stink Bug Control

These are two of the more annoying pests that Neptune residents are forced to endure. It can often seem as if our homes and businesses are overrun by these pests, but removal is made easy with the help of professionals. Both pests are known to carry disease, and they need to be removed from any business or residential area quickly before they have a chance to spread any contaminants. Time is of the essence when these pests arrive on the scene.

Wasp and Bee Removal

Bees and wasps are two pests that the average human being should never want to tangle with. Our team of New Jersey technicians has the tools and the expertise to handle these issues on your behalf. A plan will be formulated to keep these pests away from the home or business in the future as well. We aim to keep you protected over both the short term and the long haul.

What Are the Signs of a Pest Infestation Problem?

While there is nothing wrong with scheduling preventive maintenance appointments (and they are recommended, check out our Umbrella Pest Control Program), there is something to be said for knowing more about the most common signs of pest infestation. Let's take a closer look at the telltale signs so that our clients know when to pick up the phone and give us a call!

Unexplained Noises

When we are during the daily hustle and bustle, it is not always easy to hear the sounds of an infestation. It is when we are laying down to sleep at night that these noises tend to make themselves heard. However, many of us will simply chalk this up to the house "settling" or come up with a different excuse so that we can enjoy peace of mind.

In many instances, this is an early sign of an infestation, and you will want to do whatever it takes to make sure that it does not get any worse. As soon as you begin to hear noises that are not easily explained, it is time to put a stop to that pitter patter before it becomes a major problem.

Odd Smells

This is especially important for those who own pets. There are too many pet owners who will simply write off any odd smells that they find in their home. While this may seem like the path of least resistance now, there is no reason to make this sort of assumption without taking the time to meet with licensed professionals beforehand.

Check all the rooms of the home or business on a regular basis. Attics, basements and crawl spaces are all common places for pests to hide. While these areas should be examined by the professionals consistently, taking the time to check them on your own could provide you with the heads up that you need to steer clear of a larger problem.


Pests that have cuddled up inside of your home will need a nest to do so. These nests tend to be built in the areas of the home or business that does not receive a sizable amount of foot traffic so be sure to remember this when you are in the process of examining the premises.

Nesting is a sign that cannot be ignored and even removal of an existing nest does very little to address the problem. Those who believe in removing nests are simply attacking the symptom and not the disease. If nests can remain on the premises, this will lead to reproduction, and the issue becomes much more difficult to ignore now.

Wiring and Furniture Damage

Is the wiring at your business showing signs of tampering? Does your home's furniture have unexplained bite marks? These are both signs of a pest infestation. Nothing screams "I have a problem with pests" quite like a chair leg that has clearly been gnawed on more than a few times over the past few weeks (or even months).

This is a sign that you cannot afford to ignore, and we mean this literally. Just imagine the financial frustration associated with having to purchase all new furniture or paying to have a whole business re-wired once the pests have gotten done chewing holes through it.

Pest Droppings

Once pests have gotten truly comfortable inside of your home or business, this is when you will begin to find droppings in locations that are increasingly odd. That is because many pests tend to be more nocturnal by nature. Home and business owners must also grapple with the truly challenging aspects of these types of infestations.

They are much more difficult to handle because the droppings of pests come with an increased risk of disease. Even something as simple as wiping down a surface that is soaked in urine could lead to health problems down the line. The droppings also tend to look like smaller particles that do not look harmful. We do not always realize what they represent until it is already too late.

Alliance Pest Services has been providing pest control, termite control, and bed bug services to the residents of Neptune for over 30 years. Give us a call today and let Alliance know how we can help you today.