Middlesex County, New Jersey offers a great place to live and work.  With an abundance of businesses and neighborhoods, it’s no wonder the population has been on the rise.  With all of the restaurants, shopping centers, and homes, the pests just can’t stay away!  Alliance Pest Services offers professional service with a personal touch to both residents and businesses in Middlesex County.

Homeowners in Middlesex County have many options offered to them, such as New Jersey’s top rated pest control program the Umbrella Plan.  Experience a practical approach to pest control, limiting the need for pesticides in your home while keeping the pests where they belong – outside.  Affordable and effective, it’s no wonder Middlesex County residents are signing up fast!  There are numerous options for Middlesex County residents, however, we understand that everyone has different lifestyles.  Call Alliance today to discuss your pest control needs.

Business owners of Middlesex County also know that the pests don’t just invade homes.  Do you have ants parading around your counters, or have you spotted a roach scurrying across you floors?  Don’t let the pests chase away your customers!  At Alliance, we know how important your business is.  Call us today to discuss a variety of options for what your business needs.  We offer various plans and pricing based on your budget.  Call Alliance today, we are here for you days, nights, and on weekends.

Alliance Pest Service is your local Middlesex County pest exterminator for all your pest problems.  We offer complete termite control and baiting programs, flea and tick treatments for your yard, mosquito programs, ant control, carpenter ants, wood destroying insects, bees and wasps, rodents and roaches, bat removal NJ and bat exclusion for all your bat problems, including guano bat dropping cleanup and removal, wildlife control services, bed bug control and prevention and more.