Country Home in AutumnMetuchen, NJ has a population that seems to always be increasing.  With easy commuting to New York City, it’s no wonder this area is sought after for families. With a high population of residents and businesses alike, this is a great place not only for families but also for pests!

Preventative Plans for Metuchen

Pest problems are common place across all of New Jersey. Many people conclude if they live in a highly populated area, the pests are less likely to occur.  This is, unfortunately, untrue.  Pests such as rodents, roaches, ants, bat removal, termite control and bed bugs are still just as likely to infest your home.  Luckily for residents of Metuchen, Alliance Pest Services offers plans that help eliminate the problem while also focusing on factors contributing to the pest problem.  We offer plans that focus on the pre emerging of pests, to help protect your family and pets by keeping the bugs where they belong, outside!  We use proper inspection techniques and common sense to help limit the need for pesticides indoors.  Your safety, health, and concerns are our top priority.  Alliance is here for you!  Contact us day or night to discuss treatment options.  At Alliance, it’s never just business, it’s always personal.

Pest Control for Metuchen Businesses

Metuchen is a sprawling center for businesses.  The populated area makes for a great location for many businesses, which are unfortunately just as prone to the pests that families face.  Do you have ants trailing along your counters, making your customers turn up their nose to your business?  Do you have a hornet nest at your front door, waiting for your next customer to attack?  Do you have roaches running into your restaurant, making diners leave and never come back?  Alliance Pest Services understands the importance of a pest free environment for businesses.  Don’t lose money, clients, and reputation by allowing pests to invade!  Call Alliance today to discuss our many treatment plans, payment options, and service types for your distinct needs.  Call us today for a free quote and the peace of mind that your business is in the hands of professionals.

Ants Carrying Ice Cream ConeAnts, ants and more ANTS!

Ants can take over your home at an alarming rate.  Not only do they come out in what seems like thousands, there are also several different types of ants marching through New Jersey.  Each type has their own diet and strategy.  Carpenter ants, for example, chew through wood which can damage your home.  If an ant colony nests in your home, it can make getting rid of the problem even more difficult.  Many homeowners purchase products to try to take care of the infestation themselves which can result in making the colonies disperse and spread at an even faster rate.  If you can’t seem to get rid of the ants, call Alliance today for a free quote.  Not only will we eliminate the problem, we will inform you of any contributing factors to try to keep it from reoccurring.  Alliance Pest Services specializes in treating the many ant species that run rampant throughout New Jersey.

Metuchen’s Most Reliable Pest Control

Alliance Pest Services prides itself in using Integrated Pest Management, which limits the use of pesticides indoors.  Our biggest focus is inspection which remains key to proper treatment techniques.  Alliance offers professional service with fully trained and licensed technicians, as well as a knowledgeable staff.  At Alliance, we treat all of our customers like family.  Call Alliance Pest Services today for a free quote for our services.  We are here for you days, nights, and on weekends.