Country Home in Autumn smallMarlboro, NJ has a very rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War.  In a convenient location in Monmouth County, NJ, it’s no wonder this suburban community is a sought after place to live since it was established in 1848.  Marlboro residents and business owners alike can rest assured that Alliance Pest Services has well trained, informative, professional staff able to take care of their pest control needs, day or night.

Marlboro Prevention Plans

Nobody wants a pest problem in their home.  Most people also don’t want to use extensive amounts of pesticides indoors, either.  Alliance Pest Services understands that.  The safety of your family is our top priority.  We offer prevention plans to keep the pests where they belong, outside of your home.  For a low monthly fee, we offer the Umbrella Plan.  This plan gives you year round peace of mind, with preventative exterior services.  Should anything enter your home, of course you are covered indoors as well.  Our goal is to use a minimum of material indoors, inspect for all areas of the home where pests may enter, and keep you well informed.

Pest Control for Marlboro Businesses

Unfortunately, businesses are just as likely to have a pest problem as a residential home.  This can make your customers leery on doing business with you.  Alliance Pest Services has plans in place to keep this from happening to you. No one wants to lose business, customers, or reputation from a mouse running through the building or bees stinging clients as they enter.  We will make your plan specific to your needs and you’re billing preferences.  We are careful and concise, relying on Integrated Pest Management to limit pesticide use indoors, to keep your employees and customer’s safe and pest free!

Ant-6Ants, ants, ants!

Ants are one of the most common pest issues in businesses and homes alike.  Many people try to solve the problem themselves, however they can be tricky to eliminate, more so than it would seem.  Lucky for you, Alliance Pest Services specializes in ridding your home or business of ants.  There are several species of ants marching all over Marlboro.  Proper identification leads to proper treatment.  Our products are safe, our technicians are cautious, and we have your safety in mind.  Don’t make an infestation worse.  We can inform you what type of ant you are having an issue with and what can be done to treat and prevent them.  Carpenter ants, for example, can damage the structure of your home by nesting in damp wood. But they are not limited to only wood, which is why it’s important to identify the type of ant infesting your home. Argentine ants, odorous house ants, and crazy ants are just a few of the many species located in Marlboro, NJ.

Reliable Pest Control for Marlboro, New Jersey

We pride ourselves in our high quality service.  What is important to you is important to us.  We want to keep your home or business pest free, and your family and customers safe.  Pest infestations can become a harrowing experience, especially if an exterminator is not well trained or knowledgeable.  We make sure to inspect thoroughly and use common sense as a part of the treatment process.  Finding the source of the problem and informing you of everything you need to know is critical.  Bed bugs, fleas, termites, ants, bees, ticks, rodents, the list goes on.  We want to make the process as easy for you as possible.  Call Alliance Pest Services any time, day or night, for a free quote.  We are here for you.  At Alliance, it’s never just business, it’s always personal.