Small ratThe township of Lakewood, New Jersey, retains its old-school charm as can be seen in its architecture, but has plenty of modern amenities, shopping and entertainment for residents wanting to enjoy the finer things in life. The Victorian downtown is a fun experience for people of all ages, yet for those who more enjoy a natural setting, the many parks and surrounding lakes provide plenty of places to relax or have fun. The township also offers plenty of health care options, an airport for transportation and a university providing undergraduate and post-graduate work.

Modern amenities are great, but they do nothing to keep pests of all shapes and sizes away from businesses and residences in Lakewood. Instead, home and business owners must rely on professional pest exterminators if they wish to enjoy clean, comfortable and sturdy buildings.

Residential Pest Control

Pests should never take over a home or yard nor should they cause homeowners to feel uncomfortable in their own surroundings. Even if pests cannot be seen, they may still be lurking in cupboards, floorboards or basements. Without treatment, their numbers can quickly expand, posing a problem to one’s health as well as the stability and safety of the home. No matter what season it is, it is vital to keep pests out of the home.

Commercial Pest Control

As is the case in many cities in New England, Lakewood sees plenty of temperature changes throughout the year, and this can cause pests to congregate in commercial buildings where they are protected from the heat and humidity of summer or where they can nest during the coldness of winter. We can provide commercial customers with customized treatment plans designed for their unique needs so that they can protect their buildings, materials, equipment and reputations.

Pest Services We Offer

There are plenty of pests in the greater Lakewood area, and our experienced professionals are able to treat any insects, wildlife, rodents, bugs and other pests that may be bothering your home, yard or business. In particular, we offer treatment options and customizable service plans for the following pests:

When you choose Alliance Pest Services, you are choosing to work with an industry leader that is proud to have 30 years of experience serving the Lakewood, New Jersey, area. We use the safest possible pest removal and control options to ensure that you, your employees and your loved ones are safe. We are proud of our five-star customer service rating, our high safety standards and our commitment to quality work. Call us today to schedule your appointment and to ask for a free service quote.