Wood boring carpenter bee isolated on a white backgroundJackson is a pleasant place to live in the state of New Jersey. It has many historical buildings and attractions, and the summers are known for their warm, humid weather patterns. The hottest temperatures rarely exceed 93 degrees, so there is not an excessive heat wave every year. This can make it a nice place to live and work. However, the humidity and relatively close distance to the ocean create conditions that tend to attract pests. Small insects enjoy breeding in areas where the humidity is high, and Jackson has the conditions that make it possible for pests to flourish.

Residential Pest Control

Our services for residents ensure that your home can remain pest-free all year. This is an important consideration if you have anyone in your home living with a compromised immune system. Some pests can transmit diseases, and the very old can be susceptible to getting ill. Young children are also at risk of getting sick from an insect bite or exposure to a contaminated surface. They are vulnerable because they will often put their hands in the mouth without any awareness of what they’ve been touching. Our pest control services are designed to protect the health and safety of your entire family.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses in this area have to exercise diligence when it comes to keeping a pest-free workplace. There are fines and penalties associated with a pest infestation, and some businesses even risk losing their license to operate. This is particularly important for businesses operating in the hospitality or food-service industries. The presence of a pest infestation can trigger an inspection by the city health authority. To avoid these problems, be proactive. Get in touch with our pest control professionals to set up an inspection of your facilities. This will give us a chance to discover if there are any pests breeding colonies in the hidden places within your building.

Our service team can get rid of many types of pests:

Alliance Pest Services

Our company provides exceptional pest control to the residents and businesses in this area of New Jersey. We are committed to exceptional customer service, and we use the industry standard products and methods for ecologically friendly pest control. Protect the health of your family by eliminating pests with the services of our company. We train each member of our team on the best methods for eliminating pests without introducing harmful chemicals into your environment. This makes us the premiere pest control company for your needs in Jackson, New Jersey. If you see the early sign of a pest infestation, contact us immediately for a free quote on our extermination services.