Moth-3Indian Meal Moths can become a pest problem in areas where grain, flour or pet food products are stored.  When any of these types of food products have expired, this pest may emerge.  The first sign of an Indian Meal Moth infestation will be a white to yellowish colored worm.  This pest will feed on these types of stored food products.  This is why this pest is known to as a “Stored Product Pest” or “Pantry Pest.”

As the Indian Meal Moth develops into a caterpillar, it will turn into a moth.  Once in the moth stage, its only purpose is to find a mate and deposit eggs.  The adult has a pale gray coloring with the outer section of the wings appear a reddish brown coloring.  The female moth will deposit eggs in foods and can produce as many as 100-400 eggs in a lifetime. 

Indian Meal Moth worms and caterpillars will often be found on walls near the infected food source.  Note that this pest is often mistaken with maggots.  Proper identification is critical in correcting any type of pest problem. 

Getting rid of Indian Meal Moths in New Jersey

The first step to correcting this infestation is to find the source that the Indian Meal Moths originated from.  Once the source of the food product is located, this needs to be removed.  The next step is to vacuum the cracks and crevices where the product was stored.  Finally, a residual crack and crevice treatment will eliminate any remaining worm or moths. 

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