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Effective Pest Control Services In Howell, NJ

Howell is a small bedroom community within the New York Metropolitan Area, but local residents pride themselves on living far away from the bustle of The Big Apple. With our natural green spaces and neighborhood parks, we have plenty of recreational options without having to drive for miles. But pests can thrive just as much in these bedroom communities as they can in the bustling cities, perhaps even more so because of our wilderness areas. That’s why every Howell resident should learn how Alliance Pest Services can both prevent pests and act swiftly to eliminate them.

Home Pest Control In Howell, NJ

With all the nature parks and preserves in our neck of the woods, residential areas often overlap with the territories that pests already live in. That means that pest populations can easily be attracted to our homes and either move into our yards or find ways to get indoors. Pests are attracted by everyday activities like cooking food and watering lawns. That’s why the best form of pest control comes from expert guidance. At Alliance Pest Services, we pride ourselves on looking for natural solutions, rather than turning straight to chemical sprays that might not be called for. Unlike our competitors, we know that the best pest control comes from smart planning and extensive knowledge of pests and the way they behave. Whether you’ve already got a pest problem in your Howell home, or if you simply want a trained pair of eyes to check your property, Alliance Pest Services is your trusted partner in all things pest-related. Give us a call today to find out more about our residential pest control services.


What Is The Best Mosquito Control Method In Howell?

mosquito on skin

One of the other common insects to invade New Jersey properties are mosquitoes. While you’ve surely seen these flying parasites around, most people don’t consider them for the public health hazards they are. Through their bites, mosquitoes can transmit some dangerous diseases, which means an infestation on your property opens you up to the possibility of diseases like dengue, chikungunya, and West Nile virus.

Like all bugs, mosquitoes also reproduce quickly and in large numbers, so a few wayward bugs on your property can turn into a full population in a matter of weeks. To protect you and your loved ones from these nasty parasites, turn to the experts at Alliance Pest Services. We can help you identify the factors that attract mosquitoes to your property, not to mention implement safe and effective treatments that ward off mosquitoes and other invasive insects.

How To Keep Your Howell Yard Free Of Stinging Insects

bees on wood

Another common kind of dangerous insect is the stinging insects that invade our yards. From bees to hornets, stinging wasps of all kinds can cause direct harm with their barbs, and for some people a sting is life-threatening. Even hornets and yellow jackets carry a venom that people can be allergic to, which is why a nest on or around your property can make your yard hazardous. Instead of reacting to colonies as they crop up, instead protect your home from invasions before they happen.

To do that, call the experts. At Alliance Pest Services, we can inspect your property for stinging pests or the factors that might make your yard attractive to them. If they’re already there, our trained professionals can remove them safely and effectively. Contact Alliance Pest Services today to learn how we can protect both you and your property.

Commercial Pest Control In Howell, NJ

All the things that attract pests to homes can also be found on commercial properties: food, water, and cluttered spaces to nest in. That’s why proper pest control is a smart business move. Not only can an infestation expose your property to damage and disease, but the presence of pests can also cause you to lose the trust of customers and clients. Instead of risking it, turn to Alliance Pest Services for effective pest removal and protection from future infestations. Here are just some of the serious infestations we can help protect you from:

  • Rodents: Attracted by the food and warmth that your business provides, mice and rats are frequent invaders of homes and businesses alike. For some properties, like restaurants and bars, a rodent infestation can open you up to penalties from public health boards.
  • Insects: From disease-ridden cockroaches to destructive termites, all kinds of pests can damage both your property and your reputation. Only proper pest control can fully prevent them.
  • Spiders: Attracted by the other pests that manage to invade, spider infestations can range from unsightly nuisances to dangerous situations depending on the species. 

All The Problems Bats Bring To Your Howell Property

Bats have always had a bad reputation. From their depiction in vampire movies to how they’re portrayed during Halloween’s spooky season, these flying mammals represent frightfulness and dread. And while many Howell residents prefer not to encounter these creatures on their property, their reasons are based more on reality than on folklore or urban legends.

Bat droppings, known as guano, can create hazardous conditions by exposing you to illness. One of the most common infections is called histoplasmosis, contracted when you inhale the fungal spores that the excrement produces. Rabies is another serious virus bats can spread that attacks the central nervous system and can be fatal without proper medical treatment.

In addition to disease, accumulated bat waste can cause decay and corrosion to your property’s structures and compromise its integrity. For these reasons, Alliance Pest Services provides the most effective and reliable bat control to remove these creatures quickly and safely from your residence or commercial space. With almost 40 years of experience in the pest management industry, we know a thing or two about achieving the pest-free results our Howell community expects. Give us a call today so we can start working on your free estimate.


The Most Cost-Effective Bed Bug Control For Your Howell Property

Most residents would agree that there are not too many downsides to living in Howell, except when pests decide to take refuge on or inside your property. In the case of bed bugs, these tiny insects can live alongside you for many months without anyone noticing until their population grows more prominent. Luggage, clothing, shoes, cardboard boxes, backpacks, and purses are all items these insects use for transportation, with the next stop being your place. Once inside, bed bugs can travel to different areas within your home or business, further expanding the infestation.

Some clues that bed bugs will leave behind include eggshells, shed skins, blood stains on bedding, rusty, dark-colored marks on walls, and a foul, musty odor. Some people may even experience itchy, red blisters, bumps, or rashes due to their bites. If you see any of these signs, enlist the services of experienced pest specialists with the knowledge and background to quickly rid your property of these insects.

Our team at Alliance Pest Services is dedicated to improving the lives of our Howell residents. We deliver the most advanced solutions to eliminate a bed bug infestation and reestablish your quality of life. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services.


Why You Don’t Want Birds Hanging Around Your Howell Property

Bird watching has become a favorite pastime of many people living in Howell. Monmouth County is home to some of the most spectacular-looking birds in The Garden State. However, those breathtaking beauties with wings aren’t the same ones giving our residents grief who struggle to keep them off their properties. The nuisance birds below continue to be a thorn in the side of many New Jerseyans:

  • Pigeons
  • Seagulls
  • Sparrows
  • Turkey vultures

Not only can birds be disruptive with their loud whistling, cooing, trilling, or squawking noises, but their build-up of droppings can create slippery sidewalks and walkways that could cause potential injuries from falls. In addition, bird waste can damage your property’s structure, like the roof. It can eat away at the material, making it prone to leaks.

If birds continue to assemble on your property, don’t wait another minute to contact Alliance Pest Services. We work closely with you to design tailor-made treatment programs that tackle your specific problem. Our highly effective bird control methods can remove these nuisances to salvage your sanity and structures. Give us a call today!


Three Handy Earwig Prevention Tips For Howell Property Owners

If you own property in Howell, you may have come across a peculiar insect with an even more bizarre-sounding name – an earwig. What makes these creatures so fascinating, yet confusing at the same time, is how menacing they appear with those intimidating forceps jutting from their abdomen, but they are completely harmless to people. Although they could grasp onto a human finger with their pincers if startled or threatened, earwigs don’t sting and rarely bite.

Summer is the season when earwigs in Howell cause property owners the biggest headache, primarily if they assemble in large groups. Unless you’re a night owl, chances are you won’t see them during the day as they’re the most active after dark. If you’re not too keen on the idea of stumbling across a horde of earwigs hanging around your property, try our three prevention tips below:

  • Seal up crevices and cracks in your structure.
  • Clear away any ground clutter or debris.
  • Fix leaking drains or pipes.

Most importantly, learn more about how Alliance Pest Services can get rid of earwigs in or around your property to get you back to living and working comfortably. Contact us today!

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