With a view of the New York City skyline, great food, shopping, and nice residential neighborhoods, it’s no wonder the population of Hackensack, New Jersey has been increasing.  Even with all the increase, however, the pests keep on coming!  Alliance Pest Services offers it’s professional and reliable service to Hackensack businesses and residential homes.

Ant-6Hackensack Preventative Plans

Alliance Pest Services offers a new service unlike any other in the industry called the Umbrella Plan.  With a low monthly price, it offers protection to your home and family by focusing on the pre emergence to overwintering of pests.  Using Integrated Pest Management, we limit the use of pesticides indoors to keep your family safe.  Inspection, communication, pest habits, preferred conditions, and common sense are all a part of our IPM services.  Call Alliance today to discuss how the umbrella plan can help you.  At Alliance, it’s never just business, it’s always personal.   

Hackensack Business Pest Control

Have you lost customers because they saw a roach in your business?  Or maybe some complained of the annoying flies in your establishment? Whether its roaches or flies, bees, stink bugs, bats, termites, carpenter ants or pavement ants, Alliance Pest Services understands the importance of your reputation as a business.  Keep your customers and your reputation by calling a reliable, knowledgeable, and professional pest control company.  Call Alliance today to discuss our many service options and pricing to suit your needs. 

Where Are All These Ants Coming From?

Ants, the number one pest in the United States, can be overwhelming.  Coming in the thousands, it seems you are inundated by a tiny army of insects.  There are many ant species in Hackensack, and the treatment depends on the type of ant.  Want to get rid of the ants once and for all?  Alliance specializes in treating ants.  Call Alliance Pest Services today to discuss treatment options and pricing.  We are available for you days, nights, or on weekends.

Reliable Hackensack Pest Control

Tired of calling companies and them not listening, not showing up on time or at all, or not resolving your problem?  Call Alliance today for innovative service that offers a professional yet personal approach.  Your concerns are our concerns.  We want to solve your problems and keep them from reoccurring.  Call Alliance today to discuss your pest concerns, treatment plans, and pricing options.