Generally, there are three main types of methods for treating termite problems.  The three methods for treating termites are as follows:

  • The first methods of treatment is to apply a chemical termiticide treatment in concrete voids (hollow block foundation walls) and under slabs (floors, patios and exterior stair cases).  This creates a chemical barrier so that the termites cannot penetrate and eat wood.  Several holes (approximately ½” around) every few feet are made so that the materials can be applied within the void areas.  After the material is applied, the holes are corked are re-cemented over. 
  • The second method is termite monitoring and termite baiting systems.  With this method, termite stations are installed around the homes foundation, flush to the ground, several feet apart.  The termite monitoring stations are for the termites that are foraging for food sources.  The stations are inspected every few months for termite feeding activity.  Once the termites have started to feed, termite bait is then placed in the station of which the termites will begin to feed on and transport back to the termite colony.  When the toxic materials are brought back and shared with the colony, the termite colony will be eliminated.  This process kill off the termite colony.  The stations around the home will provide protection for any other termite colonies around the home that are foraging for a food sources.  There can be several termite colonies around a home at any given time foraging for a food source.    
  • The third method for treating termites is the installation of termite monitoring and bait stations with an application of foaming liquid treatment in the areas where termites are active in the home or structure.  The foaming material is the same active ingredient that is found in the bait stations.  So by applying a direct application of the bait, this will start the process of having the termites feed on the bait and transport it back to the colony.  

termite monitoring

Termite monitoring and termite bating is the only method that will kill the colony off.  This method provides complete colony elimination.  With termite monitoring/baiting, there is much less of an impact to the homes structure (less or no drillings).  A longer term protection option to guard your home against termites that are foraging around your home in search of a food source.