WoodchuckGroundhogs around your home or business can be a real nuisance.  Because of their burrowing abilities, Groundhogs can cause serious damage to your yard and landscaping.  A 20 foot long Groundhog burrow with several chambers can equate to approximately 500 pounds of dirt that is removed from your yard. 

Groundhogs have brownish fur, thick bodies and short legs.  Because they have curved claws, this feature is ideal for burrowing. 

In addition to the damage caused from burrowing, Groundhogs will eat fruits and vegetables from your garden and landscaping plantings.  As fall approaches, the Groundhog will prepare for winter by consuming more vegetation.  Groundhogs can eat approximately 2-3 pounds of vegetation each day.

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Between the excessive damage burrowing causes and the vegetation consumption, removing Groundhogs from your property is essential.  Live trapping is the best control and removal option for Groundhogs.  Call Alliance Wildlife Removal and Control Services today for all your Groundhogs and wildlife problems.