Alliance Pest Services provides various bird control services for commercial structures. Birds such as Pigeons, Starlings, Sparrows, Woodpeckers and Geese can cause various issues for these types of structures.

PigeonOur team will first survey the type of pest bird that is the source of your problem. Once we identify the correct pest bird species, the next step is to determine why the structure is a suitable site for the birds. Next, are the birds landing, roosting or nesting? The amount of bird pressure will determine the type of bird control method that is proposed to remedy the problem. The heavier the bird pressure the more an exclusion type of system should be utilized. Whereas the less the bird pressure more deterrent options can be utilized.  

Some of the commercial industries that we provide bird control services includes: property management, chemical plants, public transportation, historic sites, solar panel farms, shopping malls, apartment and condominium complexes, new construction projects SIC Code (10 29 00) & CSI Code (10 81 13) food processing plants, and other similar types of operations.

If birds are left unattended, they can cause several problems for buildings. Problems such as: build-up of nesting materials, slip and fall risks from bird droppings on walkways or traveled areas, damaged product, clogged roof drains, health risks, fire hazards, corrosion to building surfaces and more.

Alliance Pest Services provides the installation of the following:

  • Bird Exclusion Netting

  • Bird Spikes

  • Tension Wire

  • Electrified Track Systems

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Bird Dropping Removal and Sanitation

  • Grid Wire Systems for Ponds and Solar Panels

  • Trapping Services

  • Live Capture Programs

  • Turf Treatments

  • Thermal Fogging

  • Project consultation & management

  • Project specification drafting

Alliance Pest Services Commercial Bird Control Services ensures that your bird control system will fit your budget, is effective for several years, and is guaranteed to solve your bird problems.

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