Bed Bug 3Commercial facilities present a unique challenge when dealing with Bed Bugs. Every day employees come to and from work and can bring Bed Bugs with them. Bed Bugs can be on employees clothing, bags, luggage, purses or other items. The Bed Bugs can then be introduced into the facility (work stations, offices, lockers, break rooms and more).

Another unique challenge that commercial facilities present when dealing with Bed Bugs are customers coming to their place of business. For example, several businesses have various customers coming and going like movie theaters, restaurants, hotels, buses, professional offices and more. Not only can customers bring Bed Bugs into the business, but if there were Bed Bugs previously infesting the business, the customers can get Bed Bug bites and transport the Bed Bugs.

The key to dealing with Bed Bugs in commercial buildings is early detection. Properly identifying and early treatment is paramount before the Bed Bugs spread to different parts of the building.  This is why we offer early detection program with our canine Bed Bug dog.  An example of this program is for hotels and lodging complexes prior to the start of their business season; we run a complete Bed Bug sweep to ensure that the entire facility is Bed Bug free at the start of the season.  

Alliance Commercial Pest Control has guaranteed bed bug solutions that will not only eliminate your Bed Bug problem, but that will also fit your budget.

We offer several Bed Bug Service Plans to remedy any bed bug infestation. Once our Service Specialists confirms the presence of Bed Bugs through one of our inspection techniques (Canine Scent Detection, Verifi and/or humane inspection), we will design a bed bug treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

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