cicada killerCicada Killer is a larger wasp. The Cicada Killer can grow over 1 ½” inches long. Its head and thorax are an orange/reddish, almost looks like rust appearing color. The abdomen section of the Cicada is black and yellow, similar to the coloring of a Yellow Jacket.  There are several different species of the Cicada Killer Wasps in the Unites States. 

The Cicada Kill can most commonly be found at the edges of forests, in gardens, and in waste places.

Cicada Killers are typically seen in early summer.  After they have mated, the female digs a burrow about 6” inches deep in the soil. Inside the burrow, the female will make several cells, or small oval-shaped chambers. You can typically identify Cicada Killer's burrow by the U shaped dirt around the hole.  It is important to note that while female Cicada Killers are not aggressive, males tend to protect areas around the nests or burrows.