Alliance is a multi-faceted company that is equipped to resolve any pest control problems that you may have. You will find that Alliance is well versed in the most effective and cutting edge pest control methods in the industry. We are an actively growing business offering a wide variety of innovative and specially designed pest management services to our clients.

PMP Service Training

Once a PMP is hired, they will report to the Alliance main office that is located at 1 Steven Avenue, Tinton Falls, New Jersey, 07724 (Directions). The PMP will complete all of the necessary company forms and related paperwork. Once all of the necessary paperwork is completed, then the PMP will be assigned to a Supervisor to begin their training. The new PMP will stay with the assigned supervisor for 3 weeks. During the 3-week period, the supervisor will demonstrate and teach the new PMP what the Pest Management is all about and what will be required of the PMP on a daily basis. During this time, the new PMP should be observing, taking notes and asking questions of the assigned supervisor. The assigned supervisor will also be reviewing your performance with management during this time to determine if you are a good fit with our staff.

Once the 3-week period is completed, you will be assigned a pest control route. Thereafter, you will be required to attend paid training courses. In addition, you will be required to ride with other supervisors and PMP to acquire additional pest knowledge. The focus of the continued training covers types of pesticides, service tickets, new regulations, customer service, interaction with other technicians, new service protocols, various types of pests and the best approaches to remedying these pest problems with emphasis on safety for our customers and the environment.

PMPs Typical Day

The PMP will report to the main office typically around 7:00am. Once the PMP has punched in to start today, the PMP will review his or her paperwork for the day to ensure that there has not been any changes and that they have all the items that they may require to perform their services for the day. Next, the PMP will take a review of the contents of their car to ensure that they have the necessary items. Next, you will enter the locations of your stops into the vehicles GPS to route your day. Your services may include services any of the following types of accounts: residential, commercial, county complexes, state complexes, federal complexes, hospitals and/or nursing homes and industrial sites. No matter what type of location that the PMP is servicing, the PMP will follow the Alliance 5-Point Service Protocol.

In following the Alliance 5-Point Service Protocol, the PMP must be able to effectively communicate with our customers. In order for the entire pest program to be effective, the PMP must be able to explain to our customers what conducive conditions exist and/or are developing so that our customers can take the proper remedial actions. Moreover, the PMP will be educating the customer and what actions have been taken and what they can reasonable expect to occur from our services.

The PMP will be required to keep a neat appearance at all times. As such, they should keep their uniform neat; shirt tucked in and always is wearing work boots. The PMP must always be groomed and shaven for each and every service day. Along with the PMP personal appearance, the PMP will be required to keep their service vehicle clean and orderly. Your service vehicle is inspected on a weekly basis and there are consequences for failing a vehicle inspection.

For each and every customer, the bottom line is that we completely resolve our customers’ needs immediately. From a simple ant service to a housing complex overrun with bed bugs, their individual problem is completely resolved.

The PMP will be communicating with the Office staff throughout the day. If during the day the PMP as a question and/or problem, the Office Manager is always available during the day to ensure that all questions and/or problems are addressed. Note that all of the service vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracking systems. Alliance uses the information from your day to ensure that the PMP are spending the correct amount of time at a stop, that the PMP is taking the proper route and that the PMP is at the location that they are supposed to be at. The GPS units are not to watch the PMP’s every move. However, if a PMP is not at a location where they are supposed to be at, the GPS will alert the Office of this. As such, just follow your route and if you have to go off your route, prior approval must be given from the Office Manager.

Once the PMP returns to the office, which is typically between 4:00 PM, the PMP will empty ensure that there is service vehicle is left in the proper order. That is that all of the trash is removed from the vehicle from the day, restock any equipment and/or materials that they have used during the day and that any items that may need repair on the vehicle are reported to management. Once this step is completed, the PMP will turn all of their paperwork in to the office. They will then speak with either one of the management staff to go over their day and address any problems. Once this step has been completed, the PMP will review his or her paperwork for the next day. ALL OF THEIR PAPERWORK NOT JUST THEIR FIRST STOP. At this time, if the PMP determines that they do not have what they need in their service vehicle for the next day’s services; they MUST obtain these items before they punch out for the day. In addition, if the PMP has a question on their paperwork, now is the time to get the question resolved.

Alliance Qualifications and Service Responsibilities

PMP Service Qualifications

  • Candidate must be at least 18 years of age or older;
  • Candidate must be U.S. citizen or alien authorized to work in the United States;
  • Candidate must be able to read, speak and understand English;
  • Candidate must be able to read a map;
  • Candidate must have a valid New Jersey motor vehicle operator’s license;
  • Candidate must not have more than 4 points on their New Jersey Driver’s license;
  • Candidate must not have citations for driving while under the influence within last three years;
  • Candidate  must be able to work one of the Alliance shifts (day shift between the hours of 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday through Friday and a pre-determined weekend and holiday schedule or swing shift 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM.);
  • Candidate must be able to operate a motor vehicle;
  • Candidate must be able to ascend and descend stairs with some frequency;
  • Candidate must be able to tolerate variety of environmental conditions, including very hot or very cold weather, damp and/or dusty locations;
  • Candidate must be able to enter attics and crawl spaces without fear of confined spaces and/or balance;
  • Candidate must not be squeamish about insects;
  • Candidate can’t be afraid of stinging insects;
  • Candidate can’t be afraid to get dirty when either entering a crawl space or attic;
  • Candidate can’t be afraid of confined spaces;
  • Candidate must be able to use hand tools, small electric tools and spraying equipment;
  • Candidate must be able to carry a B&G (approx. weight 5lbs.) around if spraying is required;
  • Candidate must be able to use Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”);
  • Candidate must be able to drive for extended periods of time from stop to stop;
  • Candidate  must be able to perform continuous bending and kneeling, climb over structures and be able to lift up to 50 pounds; and
  • Candidate must be able to handle and climb a 32-foot extension ladder and work proficiently at a height of at least 32-feet.
  • PMP Service Responsibilities
  • Candidate must have good oral and written communication skills;
  • Candidate must be able to learn and retain information;
  • Candidate must be able to work with others and individually;
  • Candidate must be able to solve problems and be an independent thinker;
  • Candidate must be able to follow directions and instructions;
  • Candidate must be able to develop a knowledge of insects, pesticides, treatments, pest proofing, regulations, laws, safety protocols, etc.; and
  • Candidate must be able to promote cooperation, building teamwork, and resolving conflict inside the field and within the office and other PMPs.

Additional PMP Service Responsibilities

At Alliance, we believe that rules and protocols eliminate gray areas. As such, we require all PMPs to follow company policies and procedures, company handbook, service protocols, safety guidelines when performing all pest services, reports to work and in a timely manner, poses, maintains and when appropriate, wears the proper PPE, operates company service vehicle safely and maintains vehicle to comply with DOT and company guidelines, maintains all service equipment and reports any and all equipment problems, following all tool and power equipment guidelines and maintains all information that is required to be recorded and reported.

All PMPs are also required to demonstrate professionalism at all times. This means that all PMPs are required to maintain proper inventory of tools, equipment, and materials on vehicle. Completes all services as scheduled and/or as directed by the Office, and provides appropriate documentation of services performed. All PMPs are also required to report to the customer point of contact before and after providing pest services. In addition, all PMP are to explain actual and/or potential problems to customers face-to-face. Finally, all PMPs are required to advise management when any accounts that are making less than dollar per hour rate desired. For example, a stop takes 3 hours of travel time and the service takes 2 hours and the stop value if $35.00. In addition, all PMPs must advise when any work is not performed in a timely manner and any routing problems to assure that the route is organized efficiently to maximize productivity.