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Nuptial Flight Of Winged Ants

a winged ant on a piece of furniture

Of all social insects, ants are the most popular. When you think of an ant, the image of a worker collecting food automatically comes to mind. The workers are the most abundant breed of Ants. They are… Read More

Top 4 Differences Between Termite Swarmers And Winged…

cloud of termite swarmers or winged ants

After the cold winter months, a lot of homeowners find themselves suddenly swarmed with termites and winged ants. The unwelcome visitors take advantage of the warm weather to reproduce and multiply… Read More

Winged Ants

winged ant or termite on branch

Ants are group of animals with one of the highest level of sociality among other animals. They are known to be able to solve complex tasks due to their ability to communicate with each other… Read More

Ants in a Residential Home

many ants on white bowl in kitchen

One of the smallest beings on Earth is the ant, but just because ants are incredibly small, it doesn’t really mean they can’t be annoying. They outnumber humans by a LOT, and as such, they can be… Read More

What Are Winged Ants And Why Do They Swarm?

closeup photo of a single flying ant

Winged ants are a common sight in summer. Great swarms of winged ants will appear suddenly from existing ant colonies and fly around. It is during these swarms that the ants will mate and the… Read More


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