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The East Asian Tick Is Causing Concern For New Jersey…

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While the East Asian tick might be known for its small size, it is causing big problems for those who reside in the state of New Jersey. The fact that these pests have yet to be seen in the United… Read More

The Powassan Virus: Signs, Symptoms, And Treatment

dog tick on a stem

The Powassan virus is a flavi-virus that is transmitted by ticks. This infection or disease was named after a town called Powassan in Ontario, where it was first identified in a young boy who died… Read More

Recognizing the Ticks and Their Associated Diseases

deer trick walking around on a leaf

You are taking a walk with your dog, and it very energetic and playful, as it has always been... and on the next day, your pet doesn't feel like drinking or eating a lot. Then, you find out the back… Read More

Ticks: How They Live And How To Avoid Them

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Ticks can be scary creatures to us humans because we know they live outside. We could be hiking into the woods or just in our backyards and ticks will somehow find us. We might not even notice that… Read More

How Bad Ticks & Lyme Disease Are Going To Be This…

deer tick crawling on a leaf

You should also be cautious in knowing that Lyme disease isn't the only sickness transmitted through the bite of a tick. Ticks also carry other bacteria. Because of the tick's capability to transmit… Read More

Ticks in New Jersey

deer tick on skin

While many of us are familiar with pests such as ants and bees, many people do not know much about ticks. These pests, however, can present potentially fatal situations for pets and humans. Read More


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