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What You Should Know If Bitten By A Tick In Monmouth…

a deer tick crawling on a human finger

During the warm months, it seems like ticks are just about everywhere. You take a walk in the woods, you come back with one crawling around in your shirt. You’re trying to enjoy a nice picnic in the… Read More

Ticks and The Damage They Cause

brown tick in dog fur

Ticks are under the scientific classification known as Arachnida, which is a class of joint legged invertebrate like mites, spiders, scorpions, etc. They have been in existence for 90 million years… Read More


Deer Tick Crawling on a Leaf

Most ticks belong to the Ixodidae family, but they vary in color and size by species. Adult ticks range in size from smaller than a sunflower seed to over one centimeter long when engorged with blood… Read More

How Bad Ticks & Lyme Disease Are Going To Be This…

deer tick crawling on a leaf

You should also be cautious in knowing that Lyme disease isn't the only sickness transmitted through the bite of a tick. Ticks also carry other bacteria. Because of the tick's capability to transmit… Read More


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