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Rats And The Problems They Can Cause Around The House

Gray Rat on a fence

Rats are a type of rodent that are commonly confused with the common house mouse. These two rodents are from different species and can cause lots of damages to your house and property. Read More

The Truth About Rodents In A Restaurant

rat crawling near home foundation

Sometimes cleaning is just not enough in the restaurant business. There are many ways that a restaurant can develop a problem with mice and with rats and those ways are not always based on cleanliness… Read More

Unwelcome Guests Find Their Way into Homes Easily

rat on branch outside home

No matter what season it is, many homeowners find that they have mouse droppings in their kitchens or other rooms in their homes. Believe me, it does not matter how clean you keep your home, rodents… Read More

Rodent Control In and Around Your Home

rat on branch near water with moss

Homeowners have a variety of issues to worry about on a regular basis. One of their main responsibilities is to keep their home free from rodents. Once mice, rats and other assorted vermin make their… Read More


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