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Help! There Are So Many Rats On My Roof In Monmouth…

a roof rat sitting in the corner of a living room

Monmouth County home and business owners tend to relax their pest remediation efforts when insects and creatures are seemingly inactive. This is the wrong move. While you may not see any critters… Read More

Why Are the Mice In Monmouth County, NJ So Hard To Keep…

a house mice crawling inside a home at night

Pest remediation is not something that any Monmouth County home or business should be cavalier about. Very few insects or creatures could be considered harmless, as they typically can ruin buildings… Read More

How Common Are Norway Rats In Monmouth County?

a norway rat on a bathroom sink

The Norway rat is also referred to as the "ship rat" or the "wharf rat" in some areas. It is a small rodent that grows up to 12 inches long. Read More

How Do Mice Keep Getting Into My Monmouth County Home?

a mouse in a living room

House mice prefer to stay away from humans. However, when in homes, they can spread diseases, such as leptospirosis, tularemia, salmonella, and rat-bite fever. Read More

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Monmouth County Home

house mice in tree

Rodents bring bad news to pretty much every building they infest, including Monmouth County homes and businesses all over the area. Arguably the worst of these rodent species includes the house mouse Read More

Rodents Looking To Move Indoors As The Weather Gets…

a rat inside a home

The rats and mice are rodents that can live in our homes, almost without detecting them. Therefore, if we want to solve the problem of the plague of rats and mice, the first thing we must do is locate… Read More

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