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The Dangers Fleas Bring To Monmouth County, NJ Homes

a flea crawling through a pets white hair

Even though you might not hear much about flea infestations in Monmouth County, NJ, they happen. Fleas are one of the more common local invaders. If you’re one of the many locals to experience… Read More

Fleas and Your Pet: Diagnosis, Prevention, And…

flea in silver hair

Fleas are one of the rampant external parasites that infest pets like cats and dogs. These blood sucking parasites are not only limited to dogs and cats but infect other mammals too. Severe health and… Read More

Flea Control

dog scratching fleas outside in sun

Fleas have become a cause for concern in many homes today especially households that have pets. They are tiny insects that feed on both pets and humans. Spotting a flea infestation can be simple, but… Read More

How to Control Fleas

dog scratching for fleas in front yard

Fleas also known as cat fleas are tiny, irritating parasites that not only feed off your pet's blood, but your own blood as well. It is possible to find that fleas have laid their eggs almost anywhere… Read More


closeup of flea on skin

Fleas are nasty little insects that affect all kinds of animals and even humans. Fleas are wingless insects that have mouths that are able to pierce skin and suck the blood out of animals. They are… Read More

Fleas: How They Arrive & How to Get Rid Of Them

golden retriever puppy in grass scratching fleas

Fleas are a common problem in many households. Homeowners are not always up to speed on how these pests can make their way into the home and do not have the experience and know how that it takes to… Read More

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