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Use Residential Pest Control to Combat Unwanted…

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October is now upon us. And we all know what that means – not only is it time for pumpkin pie, fallen leaves, and Halloween candy, but it's also the time when all the ghoulish creatures of our… Read More

Owning Rental Property: What You Need to Know about…

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A home inspection can help you detect maintenance issues and document any damage. But it can also determine whether you have a pest problem that you need to take care of before your tenant moves in… Read More

Roach Control 101

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Roach control. When people think of pest control, these little guys are usually what they think about first.  With a well-earned bad reputation, these little pests can be a homeowner’s worst… Read More

When to Contact an NJ Pest Control

formosan termites near new jersey home

Home is where the heart is, but unfortunately for some people home might also be where pests reside. Pests are more than just nuisances for homeowners, because many pests, such as termites, could also… Read More

Choose Exterminators in Ocean County

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Safety First! I think we've all grown up hearing that in one form or another. Whether in gym class during our elementary years or on a construction site during adulthood, the main priority in anything… Read More

Stink Bugs in New Jersey

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Stink bugs have been referred to by some as “the new bed bugs,” most likely referring to a recent upswing in documented infestations in the United States. Alliance Pest Control can help you… Read More


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