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How Do Mice Keep Getting Into My Monmouth County Home?

a mouse in a living room

House mice prefer to stay away from humans. However, when in homes, they can spread diseases, such as leptospirosis, tularemia, salmonella, and rat-bite fever. Read More

Dangers Of Mouse Droppings

a mouse inside a pantry

No matter how well-bred a pet mouse or rat is, it is still very much possible to contract diseases that can affect everyone within the home. Basically, these diseases are spread through their… Read More

Dealing With Mice from Entering Your Home During Winter…

house mouse in home at night

Falling snow, delicious hot cocoa, a warm fireplace, a quiet reading time and oops! A mouse. Nothing can spoil a perfectly good afternoon in your home like mice on the loose. With dwindling… Read More


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