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What Should I Do About Ticks Around My Monmouth County…

tick biting skin

Wondering what to do about ticks on your Monmouth County property? We give you our best advice. Read More

What You Should Know If Bitten By A Tick In Monmouth…

a deer tick crawling on a human finger

During the warm months, it seems like ticks are just about everywhere. You take a walk in the woods, you come back with one crawling around in your shirt. You’re trying to enjoy a nice picnic in the… Read More

The Powassan Virus: Signs, Symptoms, And Treatment

dog tick on a stem

The Powassan virus is a flavi-virus that is transmitted by ticks. This infection or disease was named after a town called Powassan in Ontario, where it was first identified in a young boy who died… Read More

Ticks: How They Live And How To Avoid Them

tick on skin with hair

Ticks can be scary creatures to us humans because we know they live outside. We could be hiking into the woods or just in our backyards and ticks will somehow find us. We might not even notice that… Read More


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