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Carpenter Bees: Detection & Prevention

carpenter bee on a hollow branch

Carpenter bees are large bees that can be found throughout the world. It is estimated there are more than 500 species of carpenter bees. These pests get their name because of their tendency to build… Read More

Exterminators in Ocean County to the Rescue

two german cockroaches crawling on floor

As the summer months approach, exterminators in Ocean County have a hefty task. The temperature grows warmer and the pests come to life, invading the comfortable living and working quarters of… Read More

Pest Control Monmouth County Specialists

ants crawling on bowl in kitchen

Anyone can walk into a hardware store and buy pesticides, traps, and baits claiming to be “all you need to eliminate pests that are intruding in your home.” The problem is that even though these… Read More

Understanding the Nature of Cicada

new jersey home in spring

Cicada is a very special insect that has over 3000 species all around the world. This type of creature is known for its ability to buzz and click like humans do. The noise that they can make can be… Read More

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