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Stink Bugs in New Jersey

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Stink bugs have been referred to by some as “the new bed bugs,” most likely referring to a recent upswing in documented infestations in the United States. Alliance Pest Control can help you… Read More

Roaches in New Jersey

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Cockroaches are not only a nuisance and eyesore in your home, they are also disease-ridden insects that can cause serious health complications to you and your family. Alliance Pest Control can help… Read More

What to look for when unidentifiable noises are heard…

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Have you ever sat in a quiet room and suddenly heard a strange tapping or scratching noise? Your first instinct is that there is an animal or insect creeping through the crevices of the walls, so you… Read More

Mold Prevention in New Jersey

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Mold is a serious concern for many New Jersey families. If untreated, mold can cause severe respiratory troubles for humans and pets, and can even lead to death in extreme cases. Read More

Mold & Homes

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Mold is a serious and dangerous health concern that has plagued thousands of homeowners, particularly following the so-called “superstorm,” Hurricane Sandy. Mold is not specific to Hurricane Sandy… Read More


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Most of us have had numerous encounters with flies — swatting them away from food at an outdoor barbecue, or trying to keep them out of our faces when we are on a nature walk. But do you know the… Read More


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