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Spiders around the Home?

black spider crawling on a web

Spiders are a familiar sight outside and around the home. These predators are beneficial, feeding on insects and assisting in lowering the pest populations in and outside houses, yards, gardens, and… Read More

Use Residential Pest Control to Combat Unwanted…

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October is now upon us. And we all know what that means – not only is it time for pumpkin pie, fallen leaves, and Halloween candy, but it's also the time when all the ghoulish creatures of our… Read More

Roach Control 101

german cockroach on kitchen counter

Roach control. When people think of pest control, these little guys are usually what they think about first.  With a well-earned bad reputation, these little pests can be a homeowner’s worst… Read More

When to Contact Pest Control Services in Middlesex…

mouse standing in food

When people hear the word pest many things might come to mind, but if we were to eliminate human pests (and we could probably all name a few human pests) what would come to mind? Chances are it could… Read More

Ticks in New Jersey

deer tick on skin

While many of us are familiar with pests such as ants and bees, many people do not know much about ticks. These pests, however, can present potentially fatal situations for pets and humans. Read More

Termites in New Jersey

multiple termites

You may have heard jokes about termites, but these pests are no laughing matter. In fact, potential termite infestation should be a serious concern. Alliance Pest Control can help you eradicate… Read More


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