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Spring Approaching? So Are The Pests!

New Jersey Home in Spring

They have been hibernating all winter, just like the bears. Their metabolism slowed down along with their reproductive systems and they are now emerging, hungry. They need to build new nests to lay… Read More

When To Call Pest Control Services In New Jersey

House mice in pantry

When pests start to take over your life, you will start to become very frustrated. This is not only unhygienic for the individual and the whole family, but it can lead to other complications… Read More

Exterminating and Avoiding Infestations of Drain Flies…

drain fly closeup on bathroom wall

The drain fly is recognized as pyschodidae by the scientific community. They are members of a suborder of the nematoceran family. They have been called by several names, a moth, sewer, or filter fly,… Read More

Managing Moisture to Prevent Pests

rat in a wet and dirty sink

You might think that because you keep your home clean, you don't have any pests. And it's true that maintaining a clean environment reduces your chances of having large infestations of pests. But… Read More

Odor Control Around The Home

person with gloves on cleaning surface in kitchen

Odors in the home are unpleasant and embarrassing at best and unhealthy at worst. If you have an odor in your home, it needs to be addressed immediately in order to keep it from getting worse. Odor… Read More

Indian Meal Moths: Additional Information

Indian meal moth on counter

Indian meal moths are one of the many species of insect that hitches a ride into our places of residences and makes itself right at home. The most common place in the home that you will find an Indian… Read More


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