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Preventing Carpenter Bees In Monmouth County Made Easy

carpenter bee on tree

Are carpenter bees buzzing around your Monmouth County property? Does the thought of getting stung have you rethinking hosting those backyard gatherings? Get up to speed about these bees and how pest… Read More

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees In Monmouth County

carpenter bee chewing bark

Nope, it’s not a hive you need to worry about. Carpenter bees bring an entirely different problem to the table. Alliance Pest Solutions will be happy to explain the dangers of these bees to you. Read More

Carpenter Bees and The Damages They Can Cause

carpenter bee landing on petunia

Carpenter bees are often categorized into two genera- Xylocopa (large carpenter bees) and Ceratina (small carpenter bees). These two genera do not have the same size, and this is probably the most… Read More

Carpenter Bees

carpenter bee on blossom

Carpenter bees are a large family of bees with about 500 different subspecies, and about 31 sub genera. Their name comes from their tendency to excavate tunnels into wood for nesting purposes. They… Read More

Recognizing Carpenter Bees and the Damage That They…

carpenter bee on a yellow flower

Have you ever seen little piles of sawdust under wood that has perfectly circular holes in it? If so, you've seen the masterwork of a carpenter bee. No one likes bees. They sting, fly, and buzz and… Read More

Carpenter Bees In New Jersey

carpenter bee making nest in fence

Carpenter bees are the larger bee in the bee family and they can be found all over the world. There is approximately 500 species of the carpenter bee.  Read More

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