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The Problem With Carpenter Ants In Monmouth County

ant on the bark of a tree

Carpenter ants are a problem for many Monmouth County property owners. Do you know how to fight these pests? Read More

Now is the Time to Stop Carpenter Ants from Damaging…

carpenter ant on plant in garden

When selling your home, Realtors will want you to improve your home's "curb appeal." If you suspect a carpenter ant or termite infestation in your home, curb appeal and location are going to be the… Read More

Meet the Carpenter Ant

carpenter ants on wood

One of the largest types of household ants in the Northeast is the carpenter ant.  Several species can be found infesting buildings and homes. The worker ants are typically red or black. Worker ants… Read More

Carpenter Ants: Detection & Prevention

carpenter ant crawling on an ocean county home

Carpenter ants are found throughout the world. So named because of their tendency to ‘carve out’ wooden structures, these pests seek out dead, damp wood where they can build nests. Carpenter ants… Read More


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