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All You Should Know About Bed Bugs

a bed bug crawling on bed sheets

Bed bugs are very tiny brownish insects that live solely on animal and human blood. Their body is so flat that they can hide in almost every corner and crevice. Therefore, they can hide in clothes… Read More

DIY Tips To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

a bed bug on a box spring

While DIY bed bug elimination is hard, it is not impossible. Several factors will influence your success rate. One of the most obvious variables is the extent of the infestation. The more serious it… Read More

Bed Bugs In Public Places Where Your Health Is An Issue

a bed bug crawling on the ground

When you see bed bugs in the office, in a restaurant or at your desk in work environment, it can be health risk. They can cause people to develop various types of diseases. This especially becomes a… Read More

Bed Bug Bites, What Are They?

bed bug skin on arm

Bed Bugs are small, blackish brown, oval insects that suck blood from humans or animals leaving bites in their wake. These insects are common in homes, hotels, and pretty much anywhere that you have… Read More

Bed Bug Prevention

inspecting bed sheets with flashlight

We all love a good vacation, but few things are more annoying than returning home, only to find out that you have brought some unwanted guests home with you. When you are traveling, it is easy to… Read More

The Eternal Pest: Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Crawling on Boxspring

Although many people have experienced Bed Bugs at hotels or other temporary accommodation, Bed Bug infestations in the home are becoming more and more common. Bed Bugs, tiny oval-shaped insects that… Read More

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