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Bed Bug Bites, What Are They?

bed bug skin on arm

Bed Bugs are small, blackish brown, oval insects that suck blood from humans or animals leaving bites in their wake. These insects are common in homes, hotels, and pretty much anywhere that you have… Read More

Bed Bugs and More…..

bed bugs crawling on furniture

BED BUGS!!! Just the name of these little blood sucking parasites is enough to have me running down a hallway faster then I realized I could. Unfortunately, I have had the pleasure of sharing my life… Read More

Bed Bug Prevention

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We all love a good vacation, but few things are more annoying than returning home, only to find out that you have brought some unwanted guests home with you. When you are traveling, it is easy to… Read More

Using Heat to Treat For Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Biting Skin On A Arm

Bed bugs can be extremely frustrating and difficult to eliminate. Once one item gets infested, your entire house is at risk. Killing the adult bed bugs isn't enough to guarantee that your house is bed… Read More

What You Need to Know About Bed Bugs

bed bug crawling on a box spring

Found throughout the world and having existed since ancient times, the common bed bug can readily adapt to the human environment. A bed bug’s diet consists only of blood. They appear reddish and… Read More

Bed Bugs in New Jersey

bed bug in new jersey home

You may have heard jokes about bed bugs, but they are no laughing matter. In fact, a potential bed bug infestation should be a serious concern. Alliance Pest Control can help you prevent these pests… Read More

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