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Tips To Keep The Bats In Monmouth County Away From Your…

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Learn what attracts bats to your home and how to keep them off your property.  Read More

How Dangerous Is It To Have Bats On My Monmouth County…

brown bat hanging from door in home

Bats have a body that can measure between two and seven inches long, and a wingspan that may extend more than one foot. Their bodies are covered in hair, and may appear in shades of brown or black… Read More

The Most Common Signs Of A Bat Infestation At A…

a small bat in a home

Bats can play a very beneficial role out in the wild. They are responsible for the consumption of hundreds (if not thousands) of insects. While the average person certainly enjoys fewer insects at… Read More

Bat Removal In New Jersey

bat flying on dark background with leaves

Having bats around your home is not only extremely frightening but can have terrible effects on your health if not addressed immediately. It is quite common to see bats in your attic if you leave in… Read More

Bats Causing Problems Around Homes And Commercial…

bat hanging from wood paneling in home

Home and business owners have a variety of problems to worry about on a daily basis. But one of the most common issues that seemingly goes unaddressed is the presence of bats.  Read More

Bat Guano and How to Get Rid Of Bats

bat on a wooden table

Basically no one will want to welcome bats into their lives, but they might just come for one reason or another. Although bats are dangerous, it is just not because of what they do and their physical… Read More

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